War Photographer

© Christian Frei Filmproductions
Still from War Photographer

If you ever want to question the severity of your life’s problems, I recommend renting the movie War Photographer.  War Photographer is a documentary on James Nachtwey, who if you don’t already know, is a world renown….um, war photographer.  This is by no means a feel good movie, but [...]

The One Light Wonder

Janice Dickinson for Orbit Gum/Maxim Mag Advertorial
Photo by Emily Shur

Summer Bishil for Bust Magazine
Photo by Emily Shur

I have been wanting to post about lighting for a while so I will conveniently use these two new images of mine to illustrate my points.  When I first starting shooting, I would overcompensate for my technical insecurities by [...]

Blurb Update

current version of I Can See For Miles
photo by Emily Shur

As an update to my previous post on Blurb, I wanted to write a little bit after receiving my second book.  I made some changes to the layout, the biggest one being that there is only one image per spread.  I feel like this helps [...]


I made a book on Blurb of some of my work from Japan.  I entered it into the Photography.Book.Now competition.  I ordered one for myself because I had never seen the quality of a printed Blurb book.  I have to say I wasn’t jumping for joy.  On a positive note, I think that it is a [...]

Happy Birthday, Husband!

Photo by Emily Shur
Cake by Cake and Art

As I mentioned briefly in my rant yesterday, Monday was the husband’s 35th birthday.  I felt I needed to dive a little deeper into this topic.  He is my husband after all.  How does one describe him?  He certainly is an individual.  Well, this post here by our [...]

This is What Happens When I Don’t Get Enough Sleep.

Emma Stone by Emily Shur

Here is a shoot that just came out in the August issue of Elle Magazine with actress Emma Stone. 

This week is proving to be interesting.  We had no internet service for about 3-4 days.  I had to hold the husband back from punching a hole in the wall.  I wouldn’t care [...]

Me Me Me Me Me Me Meeeeeeeee.

My lovely friend Nina has posted a conversation between her and I on the Nymphoto blog.  For those of you who don’t know what Nymphoto is, here is some background.:

Nymphoto is a collective of women in photography dedicated to creating a community of and for female artists & art administrators, in order to span the gender [...]

It’s All About Perspective

Happy July 4th everyone.  Who cares.  Anyway, I was catching up on my blog reading and came across two interesting posts – one by my very good friend Nina and another by A Photo Editor.  Nina lists her favorite go-to blogs (of which I am so happy and flattered to be one) and APE talks [...]

More Jersey

Street Signs

Chemical Plant

Overgrown Basketball Court

Some Dump

Veteran’s Lodge
All Photos by Emily Shur

I’ve been in sick dog-ville the past few days which is the reason for my lack of posting.  The Baroness is doing much better now, so I thought I’d post a few more images from Linden.  My neurosis compels me to mention that none of [...]