All photos by Emily Shur

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently began a personal project in Linden, New Jersey.  I was unsure about sharing these images on my blog as the project has just begun, and I honestly don’t have a 100% clear idea of where it will end up.  I decided to [...]

Photo of the Day: The Baroness

Photo by Emily Shur

It’s hot today, and when it’s hot The Baroness likes to back that ass up right on top of the A/C vent.  Then she lets it all hang out.

Putting In The Hours

I recently bought Takashi Homma: Tokyo and I just love this book.  It’s kind of my dream book…like when/if I publish a book of my work it would probably be of Japan and/or Tokyo, and I love Homma’s sensibility.  He’s sort of a Japanese Stephen Shore with an emphasis on the Japanese, as his images are [...]

I Guess Life’s Not So Terrible…

All photos by Emily Shur

Sometimes it’s just plain radical to experience something new in life.  It’s pretty cool when one minute you’re supposed to shoot a guy in his office, and the next minute he decides to fly you and your crew out to his ranch in Los Olivos by private helicopter to shoot there [...]

Dear Kodak,

In light of recent developments and announcements from you guys, I am writing mainly to get a few things off my chest.  By discontinuing Readyload film, you are shoving a huge wrench in the way that I photograph.  Actually, that’s an understatement.  You are discontinuing the way that I photograph.  First it was Polaroid, and [...]


Japanese Family, Tokyo 2008 by Emily Shur

I have never been able to keep up with most trends – whether they are in photography, art, fashion, music, etc.  In terms of fashion, when I lived in NY, I cared a lot.  As hard as you try though, there’s always some chick at the party who looks [...]

Maybe You Need Some New IM Icons

I’m just here to help.

Wrap It Up B.

First of all, I never thought I would see some of things I have already seen in my lifetime.  I am mostly speaking politically right now…things such as Bill Clinton’s public infidelity, George W. Bush’s complete decimation of the United States’ reputation and integrity on a global level, and I’ll round out this list with [...]

The Highlight of Last Thursday Night.

REM at The Hollywood Bowl. Fall On Me. So good.