Love is in the Air: Part 2

Parents at the prom.

Parents getting married.

Parents just lookin cool.

Today is my parents’ 37th anniversary.  I tried to think of what I could say or do to accurately illustrate my love and admiration for them, but there’s very little words or actions that would do them justice.  My parents have been together since high school.  So really it’s more like forty-something years into their relationship now.  They went to their high school prom together, got married when they were 21, and really are (I hate this word, but I think it applies here) soul mates.  I know that our parents’ and grandparents’ generation have much longer marriages on average than we do, but my parents truly love each other.  They are not still together just because society saw marriage as a lifetime commitment.  They always want the best for each other….worry more about the other one than themselves.  They take care of each other.  They have fun with each other.  They really have given me a gift in terms of an example of what a marriage should and could be.  They mean everything to me.

I tried to find some pictures that I have taken to round out this mini photo album of Barry and Judi, and I settled on the two below.  To me, this sums them up pretty perfectly.  Boy do they love to drink coffee, and my dad still makes my mom laugh all the time.  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!  We love you guys!
Photos of parents by Emily Shur

3 comments to Love is in the Air: Part 2

  • Judi Shur

    Thanks, Shmemmy, for the sweet comments. You are, of course, the best thing to come out of our relationship. With all of this love in the air, it doesn’t hurt to say that we love you with all our hearts.

  • anna

    can’t wait until the folks come into town again!

  • nina

    oh!! This just made me all warm and fuzzy! I have the so much respect for your parents & their relationship and I hope my relationship will follow their path.
    And I agree with your mother that you are a wonderful ‘product’ of their union!
    Congrats and many more years of happiness and health to you, Mr. & Mrs. Shur! You are most definitely some of the best & coolest parents around.
    It has always been a pleasure to spend time with you and I/we adore Emily! and Isac & the Baroness!
    PS: D and I just looked at this post together and got all mushy. And we really love the recent pics of Barry & Judy– you can see the love and friendship right there!