Tooting Some Horns (Including My Own)

All photos © Emily Shur

Here are some photos I took of actress Amanda Seyfried in February for Elle Magazine.  The top photo is in the current issue.  I really like photographing women, working with fun locations and good clothes.  When I was a teenager and had realized my calling as a photographer, my bedroom was full of magazine pages I had torn out and tacked onto the wall.  My favorite magazine back then was Harper’s Bazaar.  I loved and still do love magazines.  I love shooting for magazines, looking at magazines, seeing my work in magazines, and being inspired by other people’s work in magazines.  We all know editorial is not the most lucrative genre in all of photography, but it is fun and can be creative.

When I think about which photographers I have been most inspired by in my life, it pretty much comes down to fine art and fashion, which is interesting because I don’t make my living doing either.  Maybe that should change.  Here are some people who have been instrumental in shaping my vision and making photography my life, in no particular order.

3 comments to Tooting Some Horns (Including My Own)

  • anna

    i love love love this shoot!

  • Stubbsk

    There’s some really great names here, Larry Sultan was one I was looking for, Thanks!

    Those photographs are really something, the quality of you work is always inspiring, I end up wanting to chuck my digital slr in the bin.

  • Amy Chance

    Those photos are BEAUTIFUL! I love Amanda. She’s totally at the top of my “wish list”. Great list of photogs as well!