Insert Human Here.

Burt Bacharach’s sun room

Chelsea Handler’s balcony

Lydia’s bedroom

All of these luscious Polaroids by Emily Shur

A good portrait begins with a good picture.  When setting up for a portrait, I always try and find something that visually appeals to me, with or without a person in the shot.  Ideally, I look for a picture I would take [...]

Love is in the Air: Part 2

Parents at the prom.

Parents getting married.

Parents just lookin cool.

Today is my parents’ 37th anniversary.  I tried to think of what I could say or do to accurately illustrate my love and admiration for them, but there’s very little words or actions that would do them justice.  My parents have been together since high school.  So [...]

All Four Corners

Artwork by Norman Rockwell

Composition is a big deal to me.  When I was in college, I had an eye opening class with who is now my favorite teacher of all time, Phil Perkis.  He looks a little like Albert Einstein, and could’ve been as far as I was concerned, in terms of all I learned [...]

Love is in the Air

This week is chock full of work and play.  Monday was Kathy Griffin, who I have worked with once before.  Yesterday was a new actress for Bust Magazine.  Tomorrow is an ad that I will disclose at a later date.  Also, I’m excited about the Philip-Lorca diCorcia show opening this weekend at the LACMA.  Yeehaw!  Finally, a [...]

Pros and Cons

Well, I guess we all know by now that this weekend and the past couple days marked the first New York Photo Festival.  It’s times like these that I sometimes wish I could still walk out of my front door and be deep in the heart of culture.  Living in Los Angeles for the past [...]

Tooting Some Horns (Including My Own)

All photos © Emily Shur

Here are some photos I took of actress Amanda Seyfried in February for Elle Magazine.  The top photo is in the current issue.  I really like photographing women, working with fun locations and good clothes.  When I was a teenager and had realized my calling as a photographer, my bedroom was full of [...]

Good Friends and Good Prints

Where have I been?  Well, since you asked…

I just got back today from some time in my old home, New York.  I sometimes go there to do the obligatory meetings and remind people that I exist.  Before I went, I took a week and immersed myself in updating my portfolios.  I’ve been told a couple [...]