Well this week is turning out to be a trip down memory lane.  Last night I got to see Jane’s Addiction (all four original members) do a mini set at the NME Awards at The El Rey.  Some of you might think that they are a bunch of idiots, but this band played a large role in my adolescent life.  I realize that potential clients might read this blog, so I’m going to chose my next words carefully.  Let me just say that when I was a youngster, I had some years during which I wasn’t the best behaved girl in the world.  I have no secrets from my parents, who unfortunately had to find everything out the hard way, but that time in my life taught me a lot.  I have very vivid memories of listening to Nothing’s Shocking over and over and over again during the better part of 1990-1993.  Now I guess I’m technically an adult and slightly more stable, and it was still really fun to see them all these years later.  I have to say the music holds up just fine in 2008, as far as I’m concerned.

Tonight I saw Portishead play a free “rehearsal” type show in preparation for their Coachella performance.  When I was in college, Dummy was a big deal.  I don’t think I had seen them play before tonight, or at least I don’t remember seeing them.  It started out a little boring, but then it got good.  Beth sounded really pretty.  There was a good mix of classics that people wanted to hear and new songs people wound up enjoying.  And by ‘people’, I mean me.

This all brought me back to photography…I know…nerd town.  It’s true though.  I’ve been struggling to write a good artist statement for the past few months, and I think I might have figured it out finally.  I realize a lot of the pictures I’m drawn to taking evoke some sort of nostalgia for me.  It isn’t necessarily my personal nostalgia, but memory is universal and experience is universal and solitude is universal.  I think there a couple contributing factors as to why I photograph this way.  I don’t really want to get too heavy and serious right now so I’ll hold off on explaining in depth.

I wanted to post Ocean Size because that was the best song of the evening, but apparently very hard to find footage of.  So, please enjoy Mountain Song.

5 comments to Nostalgia

  • nina

    a little mountain song for breakfast is nice ;)
    You know what my favorite record of my adolescence was, but these guys were a big deal in my world too.
    Anywho…nostalgia: I always thought that is what drives most artists. I think being nostalgic is integral to the artist’s heart. I think Irving Penn talked about how artists observe things that others do not even see, and I think he is right and it ties right into the whole nostalgia thing for me. There you have, my two cents.

  • anna

    i am gettin my 90′s on today!

    “Senores y Senoras nosotros tenemos mas influencia
    con sus hijos que tu tiene pero los queremos creado y regalo de los angeles Jauna’s Addiction!”

  • Emily Shur

    Nina – nicely put. Of course Irving Penn has to say something genius like that…

    And ummmm was is Appetite for Destruction maybe??

    Anna – Eric Avery was like totally at your house and like sat on your porch and omg. Oh, and they played Stop! right before Mountain Song in case you were wondering…

    Go 90′s Rock!!

  • Stubbsk

    The Live album by Jane’s Addiction is the best album I ever “Borrowed” off my Dad. I’ve listened to it alot over the last few years however I was still in diapers when you first listened to them.

    I was sorting out clothes today and came across the baby grow my parents took me home in from the hospital. Holding this tiny piece of fabric with ‘kyle’ embroidered on to it was really very nostalgic. It was really nostalgia on behalf of my parents though.

  • Emily Shur

    Wow I feel old.