A Week’s Worth

Sigh.  It’s been a week since I blogged it up.  I’ve been cranky the past few days, and when I started this blog I decided I would use it for good and not for evil.  If I have nothing nice to say, I don’t say anything at all.  Well, that’s not entirely true, but I won’t put mean things out into the innernette.  

So, let me focus on some good.  Here are some good things that happened this week.

  1. I had a really really really fun shoot last Saturday with Bill Nye.  I haven’t met such an interesting, smart person in a while.  He is so passionate about science and how things work and showing people how things work and man…..wow.  Awesome.  He made scones and organic spinach pizza (in an apron, mind you) while we discussed the importance of Mr. Wizard and being environmentally responsible.  
  2. The next day I went somewhere I had never been which is always fun – Portland, Oregon.  I think it’s weird that I had never been to Portland.  It just seems like somewhere I would have been before.  So, now I’ve been.  I did a job for Sony BMG with a really nice band on Monday.  We ate some good food, did some karaoke…well, ok I watched everyone else do karaoke.
  3. I started and finished a book.
  4. I got my film back from Japan….will post some pictures soon.
  5. I picked up my new pair of glasses, the ones I bought in Tokyo.  I love them.

And that about does it for good stuff….Oh, something good to look forward to:  the Rock of Love 2 finale this Sunday night.  It’s pretty obvious to me who will be his Rock of Love, but we’ll see if I’m correct.  I was just stoked to see Bret without his bandana last week.  The top of his head reminded me of another icon of the 80′s…..

4 comments to A Week’s Worth

  • Julie Oh

    Bill Nye! I used to watch him every day when I got home from elementary school. He taught me so much! It’s good to hear that he’s still up and about. And I am extremely jealous you got to have intelligent conversations with him.

  • Mandy

    I was wondering what sort of camera you shoot with? Especially when you travel—do you take your studio with you for lighting???


  • Emily Shur

    Hi Mandy – I use a Mamiya 7 when I travel. It’s a 6×7 rangefinder camera. I don’t bring any lighting with me when I travel…just the camera on my shoulder. I don’t like to be weighed down. If I was doing a travel job, I’d bring slightly more stuff – 2 cameras – probably the Mamiya and my Wista field camera and probably a hand held flash. Hope that helps.

  • Mandy

    thanks for the info! one day i hope to get more than one camera…but until then im sticking with my nikon d50. I google’d both your cameras and they look like so much fun to shoot with-especially the Wista Field camera!