Tokyo Wrap Up

Still not sure how I feel about the wasabi turd, but the fish was good.
                                       Photo by Emily Shur

Yesterday I arrived back home from a few days in Tokyo.  I’m not exactly sure where to start, so here is a jet-lagged account in bullet list form.:

  • The Flight:  I upgraded to Business Class for 250 bucks on both legs of the flight.  That ruled.
  • Day One:  Got in.  Took two hours for us all to get to the hotel.  Wandered around aimlessly trying to find somewhere to eat.  We eventually settled on some place with big pictures on the menu where the above sushi platter was ordered and devoured.  Passed out.
  • Day Two:  Woke up at 7am.  Drank coffee.  Went to Shinjuku where the husband went cd shopping and I went clothing/shoe shopping.  Didn’t buy anything for myself (odd), but bought some underwear for the husband.  Went back to hotel for the “press briefing” regarding the show we were all going to at the Tokyo Dome.  Sidenote – the reason we got an all expense paid trip to Tokyo was to see this extremely popular Japanese band that wants to come to the US and be extremely popular here.  They flew out some music industry VIPs, of which the husband is one, and I was shooting the show.  Not my normal modus operandi, but I’ll pretty much shoot whatever you want if you’re sending me to Tokyo.  Back to Day Two.  Sat in the press briefing for….oh….I’d say about 4 hours.  Then we went to the show.  There were 55,000 people there.  It was nutty, to say the least.
  • Day Three:  Up at 7am again.  Drank coffee.  Went to Odaiba since I had never been there, and it looked interesting.  There is a giant replica of the Statue of Liberty for some reason.  Took the JR to Harajuku where I bought a new pair of glasses I am very excited about.  My collection is really growing.  Then went to Akihabara and spent a while at Yodobashi Camera where I treated myself to a new loupe for my 4×5.  Went back to the hotel where we got ready for night number two of X Japan at the Tokyo Dome.  Another screaming and crying 55,000 people.  Five of us went to Gonpachi in Shibuya for dinner after the show.  I have a bit of a soft spot for that restaurant as we discovered it on our honeymoon almost two years ago.  Now, there is one in LA that is too expensive and not as good.  Walked around Shibuya for a while.  Passed out.
  • Day Four:  Woke up at 7am.  Drank coffee.  Went back to Shinjuku to return the underwear I bought on Day Two.  Went to Takashimaya thinking I would buy myself something.  Wound up buying the correct underwear for the husband instead.  Got on airport shuttle back at the hotel, and went to Narita.  Took an ambien on the plane.  Passed out.
This was my fourth time in Tokyo, and every trip there has been fun and interesting.  It is a photographer’s paradise (well, at least this photographer).  I love the people, the architecture, the visuals, all of it.  It’s so different yet comfortable for me at the same time.  I’ll post some pictures from my trip when I get my film back.  

2 comments to Tokyo Wrap Up

  • Terence Patrick

    Was just in Tokyo myself and fell in love with all the little ramen houses. Did you shoot the band/concert with your 4×5?

  • Emily Shur

    No, that would have been the righteous thing to do, but I have yet to bring the 4×5 to Tokyo. I considered it this time around, but I was only there for a few days and I wanted to be free to wander. Yeah I know….excuses excuses.