It’s the Little Things in Life That Make Me Happy…

Today I was excited to see that my blog has been added to the ridiculously long blogroll over at WTJ.  I met Andrew through a mutual good friend, photographer and fellow Texan, Mr. Eric McNatt.  I don’t know Andrew well, but I started feverishly reading his blog after we ran into each other at the PDN Self Promo Party in NY last year.  Eric and Andrew told me about What’s The Jackanory to which I said “What?” and then “Huh?” and then Andrew had to write down the name for me, and I’ve been reading ever since.  I really didn’t know the photo blogging world existed and it was such an awesome discovery….yes, I’m getting to the party late, I know….but it was inspiring to see a forum where we who sometimes have much free time can keep our brains active and communicate with each other.

Aside from being an excellent photographer, Andrew has given a voice to many many photographic debacles and revelations.  I always read and am like “I know, riiiiiight?”  (That was for you, Anna.)

For example, his (and A Photo Editor‘s) recent post on the whole American Photography – entering contests – shooting for free thing really hit home.  I am a big advocate of shooting for free for certain publications, paying dues, self promotion, and I believe that entering CERTAIN contests is an integral part of getting our work noticed.  It’s up to all of us as artists and businesspeople to be discriminating and put our feet down now and again when we feel we may be teetering on the edge of being taken advantage of by these magazines, organizations, contests, and sourcebooks.  It’s also up to us to know which of these many many contests, magazines, etc. are worthwhile and actually helpful.  From my time as a photo editor up until now, American Photography is still, in my humble opinion, the most revered and respected banana in the bunch.  I was so happy to receive the same e-mail as Andrew letting me know I was AP 24 worthy.  The little things….they never get old.

2 comments to It’s the Little Things in Life That Make Me Happy…

  • anna

    chicka chicka yea, motherfucker.

  • nina

    Andrew…is he the dude with the beard? I think I saw him at the Thomas Holton opening.
    Have you seen the “Bitter Photographer Blog” (or something like that?) I have a sneaking suspicion as to who is publishing that blog… ;)