Deep In The Heart

I just returned from Austin and the joy that is SXSW.  I grew up in Houston, so being in Austin was a great stroll down memory lane…mostly in terms of the fast food I used to eat when I was in high school.  I drove by all my old faves – Taco Cabana, Whataburger, and La Madeleine (not necessarily fast food, but I would say quick food) to name a few.  While I no longer partake in the eating of most animals (can’t give up sushi), I have fond memories of eating a Whatachicken after an exciting night of sitting in a park smoking pot with friends.  

Houston was a good place to grow up I must say.  I’m usually the first person to say how boring and ugly of a city it is, but truth be told I had a pretty fun time there.  I am currently in the midst of a rare nostalgic moment regarding Texas so just go with me here for a second.  Houston was easy and comfortable.  It’s a huge city in terms of actual land, but has a simplicity to it that is kind of small town-ish.  It was a good precursor to my college years at NYU because I was sufficiently awed by New York when I first got there, but had lived in a big enough city before then in order to not be scared out of my mind.  It was very warm.  I have lots of memories that involve sweating and mosquitoes.  I went to lots of outdoor concerts.  I went to a huge very typical Southern high school where football players and cheerleaders reigned supreme.  Comparatively, I was….different….I guess I would say.  I enjoyed art, wearing black, smoking fancy cigarettes, and feeling mentally superior to 95% of my fellow high schoolers. 

I went to Austin to do a shoot for Entertainment Weekly.  We came across a lovely park where I got to take pictures of two lovely people – renegade style, and it was so laid back and care free.  No one cared about permits or permissions or the lack of either.  It was refreshing.  Now I’m home and tired and I’m going to sit on my couch and drink some wine and watch SNL.  Yeeeeeee-hawwww!

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