Website Update

              Victoria’s Peak, Hong Kong 2008 by Emily Shur (me)

I recently updated the Personal section on my website with a bunch of new images.  There are three from our trip to Hong Kong last month and then a few randoms from different shoots and different trips from different years past.  This section is a work in progress.  I’d be curious to know if people can see a common thread amongst the images or if it reads like individual pictures thrown together into a forced group.  Please feel free to comment and be honest.   

I also like to think of my Polaroid section as “personal”.  I usually put a picture in this section when I like the Polaroid more than the actual image on film.  I have years and years of 4×5 Polaroids that I someday hope to edit into a large and awesome body of work.  This section now is a very small and carefully edited sample.  I added two new Polaroids to this section a week or two ago.

Soon there will be some additions to the music and celebrity categories as well…just have to wait a few on those as I cannot put those images on my site until they are published and out in the world for all to see.  Duh.  

3 comments to Website Update

  • nina

    i like this pic a lot and I see your distinct eye in it. Are you familiar with the work of Mitch Epstein? You should look at it, if you aren’t , I think some of his work would speak to you and bring further into focus some of your own motivations for shooting.

  • nina

    just send you a long-ish email! I think I had a break through about your personal work ;)

  • isacto

    yeah, what she said !